Women’s Playwriting Cooperative

The Women’s Playwriting Cooperative

The Women’s Playwriting Cooperative is a new program designed to develop and produce the work of an emerging Philadelphia-based female playwright. The 2017 Women’s Playwriting Cooperative recipient, Sarah Galante, was selected for a year-long development process of her new musical, Hear Me War, which will be featured in the 3rd annual Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival from August 2 – 6, 2017.

Being able to find a home for Hear Me War in a space dedicated to the support and exposure of female artists has been an invaluable artistic experience. In working with the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival, we have found a space of comfort, acceptance, and an unrelenting persistence in finding the truth within our story - Sarah Galante, Hear Me War Playwright and Performer

Because the goal of the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival is to create opportunities, mentorship, education, and a home for women artists and their powerful stories, we are providing space, staff, marketing, resources and artistic support to the selected playwright through a series of rehearsals, revisions, and performances. Over the course of the year-long development process, The Women’s Playwriting Cooperative is facilitating staged readings, as well as a full rehearsal process, an invited dress rehearsal, and four performances of Hear Me War during the annual festival.

Our goal for the cooperative is to create a safe place for women to develop and share their ideas in order to celebrate the creativity of female storytellers. This new program has naturally led PWTF into year-round programming for 2017. The Cooperative furthers our efforts to diversify our programming and the year-long process helps to deepen our impact and commitment to long-term support of theatre artists.