Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival | About Us
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About Us

Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival

Creating Opportunities for Women in Theatre

Mission: PWTF fosters and encourages women in the performing arts by offering unique opportunities for exposure, professional, artistic and personal development and a platform for performance.

Vision: By building a community of a diverse group of artists through the culmination of a citywide celebration, Philadelphia will become a national leader in recognizing the valuable influence women play in the arts, at the forefront of honoring the value of women’s contributions to storytelling, artistic advancement and creative innovation.

Values: By providing resources, support and a stage for exposure, PWTF fosters and encourages women in the arts of all disciplines: directors, playwrights, performers, designers, administrators and more. Through the development of this often marginalized group of artisans, PWTF will usher in a new era of artistic voices, their distinct perspectives and otherwise untold stories.

Core Values:

Diversity Statement:
Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion by embracing all people and viewpoints. PWTF aims to embrace intersectionality and serves female and non-binary artists of all colors and backgrounds. PWTF does not discriminate based on age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or disability. Through staffing, casting and programming that reflect the diverse makeup of our community and our world, we are dedicated to creating accessible theatre for the Greater Philadelphia Region and its theatre artists. Our story is the change the story.